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C2 is the most comprehensive outdoor shooting range in VA. We have facilities for civilians, law enforcement and the military communities.

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A Message From C2 Training & Shooting Center

Kent and Natalie Mote

Welcome to C2 Shooting Center, Virginia’s Premier Outdoor Shooting Facility located in southern Virginia Beach! Family owned and operated by lifelong Virginia Beach natives Natalie and Kent Mote, C2 Shooting Center is a member only facility that offers an unparalleled shooting facility with ranges from 7-yards to 300-yards in an open-air, clean rural environment.

The C2 Shooting Center offers an enjoyable, professionally run and extremely safe range for experienced shooters who desire to shoot in an environment outside the box that is much less restrictive than typically found at indoor shooting ranges. Shooting Classes are also available throughout the year for shooters wishing to learn a new skill or master currents skills.

We have chosen to be a member only facility in order to maintain a safe, community oriented and responsible shooting environment for all of our patrons. We invite you to take a look at the packages we have to offer, and we look forward to seeing you on the range!

-Kent and Natalie Mote

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Member Ranges

Serving Our C2 Members with the Finest Outdoor Ranges in the Entire Region

West Pistol Steel Range

This range is reserved for shooters 18 and older and is for handguns only. NO AR PISTOLS allowed.

Carbine Room

This room is reserved for approved shooters who wish to work with both handguns and carbines.

Pistol Paper Range

This range has eleven (11) positions with targets at varying distances for use with conventional style handguns only.

50-Yard Rifle Range

This range has nine (9) positions and is for rifle, shotguns and AR Pistol Variants with a “SIG” or “SBA” Brace attached in any caliber.

25-Yard Site-In Range

This range has four (4) positions to be used for sighting in rifles, shotguns and AR Pistol Variants with a “SIG” or “SBA” Brace attached in any caliber.

100-Yard Range

This range has fourteen (14) positions, including one (1) steel target position and two (2) prone positions.

Learn More About All Of The Great Ranges Available For Our Members

West Member Ranges

East Training Ranges

The East Training Ranges are reserved specifically for:

• C2 Instructional Programs • C2 Shooting Classes • Government Agencies • Military Training Contracts

• Military Qualification Shoots • Law Enforcement Qualifications • Commercial training events • Recreational shooting matches

Note: Range rentals are for approved companies and C2 Shooting Center Instructors only. A C2 Shooting Center Membership that is in good standing is required for any and all East Range rentals. A membership is not required for US Military units.

Learn More About The C2 Shooting Center East Ranges

East Ranges

C2 Shooting Center Testimonial and Reviews

See What others Have to Say

Training Civilians, Law Enforcement and Military Members is what Kent Mote and his C2 Shooting Center Team are passionate about. We are committed to keeping community members, LEO and MIL Members safe around the country through quality training programs and the finest outdoor shooting range in Virginia.

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Abbey Joy-Marie Wessner

Amazing out door range. Nice space between tables and other people while shooting at the pistol area. I loved the friendly and knowledgeable staff. I will absolutely be back again
Image description

Jason W. Brock

I’ve been several times and the condition of the range has always been just like new. It’s always clean, trash is always empty, the range is always ready for use, and the people are there for you. Great place and great people.
Image description

Michael LaWall

The only range in the Tidewater area that offers ranges past 100 yards. If you want to practice for long range shooting in the tidewater area this is it. The staff are friendly and helpful, and safety conscious.
Image description

Susan Santiago

Just completed the concealed weapon course. Excellent class with very knowledgeable & experienced instructor (s). I highly recommend it if you need any training whatsoever with your personal fire arm.

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