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Welcome to C2 Shooting Center

Welcome to C2 Shooting Center, located just twelve (12) miles south of the Redmill/Pungo area of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  C2 is family-owned and operated by Kent and Natalie Mote, both Virginia Beach natives with life-long connections to the Hampton Roads Area.  For twelve years, they have taken a great deal of pride in the facility, it’s operation, safety and value to all customers.  The rural, downhome feel – created by our staff and customers alike – continues to attract customers from the new, inexperienced shooters to professional shooters, avid hunters and many more.

C2 Shooting Center offers two different styles of ranges for our customers’ various needs.  One is our West Public Range, which is outdoor and has a covered firing line to protect shooters from the elements.  Firearms enthusiasts can practice their skills in an open-air environment at ranges from 7 yards to 300 yards.  These ranges cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters that desire to shoot in a less restricted environment than traditionally found in indoor range facilities. Whether checking your zero prior to hunting season, breaking in your new rifle, zeroing a scope on your AR15, working up loads for your custom scoped rifles, or practicing for an upcoming match, C2 has what you need.  Additionally, we have pistol ranges which offer both paper and steel target options. The public range is run professionally based on protocols found in your waiver documents, and participants are expected to operate accordingly. Our range officers are extremely knowledgeable and are always available to assist and lend a helping hand.

Because we strive to provide a safe and enjoyable shooting environment, individuals desiring to use our range should have some weapon experience or be accompanied by someone who has weapon experience. For any persons with little or no experience we offer introductory classes, including women specific training. Check out our Firearms Instruction Tab for further information. 

Our East Range facility offers private ranges and classrooms for our introductory courses to our in-house dynamic, moving and shooting, self-defense based training programs.  These ranges are also available for rent for bonafide guest training programs, competition style events, and approved military and law enforcement contract use.

Unlimited by the confines of indoor range facilities, C2 offers a large variety of range and educational opportunities to our customers.  Our motto is “shoot outside the box.”  If you are looking to experience a unique shooting or training opportunity, C2 is Virginia’s premier outdoor shooting facility.

Hours of Operations

General Public: Monday – Saturday and Holidays 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm


**Please note that our staff reserves the right to refuse any customer or weapons system we feel is unsafe or inappropriate.**


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