About Us

C2 Shooting Center is Southeastern Virginia’s premier outdoor recreational and small arms training facility.  C2 Shooting Center has public facilities where participants can enjoy recreational shooting at their leisure, as well as attend a group participation event through one of several venues of competition or training. We host many outside instructional programs, including classes by the NRA. Our staff is also here to provide you with instruction and range experience to fulfill your shooting requirements.

Virginia’s Premier Outdoor Shooting Range Facility

C2 Shooting Center has five public ranges that will meet all of your needs, from a 300-yard rifle shooting range to a 10-yard steel pistol range. C2 Shooting Center also hosts a private East Training facility for use by law enforcement agencies, military, commercial training companies, completion groups and trade professionals.

We strive to operate both the finest and safest facility in the area in order to meet your recreational and educational needs.

About Our Owner/President and Senior Instructor

Since 2006, Kent A. Mote has owned and operated C2 Shooting Center.  After graduating from Kempsville High School and attending Atlantic Christian College, Kent embarked upon a variety of careers, including real estate, private security detail, home building and owning/operating a site-building company.  After a life-changing experience of partial paralysis which left him unable to walk, Kent sold his successful construction business to purchase a 24-year old local range that was in a state of disrepair.  On a quest to provide the premier facility to both recreational and military clientele, Kent embarked upon the most proactive range improvement project in the country.  C2 Shooting Center, “Virginia’s Premier Outdoor Shooting Range Facility,” is the result of Kent’s hard work and innovative vision.

Kent is an NRA-certified law enforcement instructor who has extensive skill in the use of small firearms and long range weapons. He was also instrumental in developing the ESAMI (Expeditionary Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor) Program for the U.S. Navy.  He has traveled all over the country teaching our service men and women how to become firearms instructors.  Kent finds teaching others how to operate, as well as respect guns, to be very personally rewarding.

Some of Kent’s accomplishments and professional associations are:

  • NRA Law Enforcement Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Seven Years at a Military Contract Instructor for the US Navy ESAMI Program
  • Two Years of Synthetic Weapons Training and Tactical Defense Solutions
  • Member of the Local Law Enforcement Community
  • Certified in CPR and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
  • Sponsor of the Virginia Beach Police Foundation
  • National Rifle Association Life Member
  • International Defensive Pistol Association Member
  • Mineral Miner for the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • VDOT Responsible Land Distributor

His firearms experience includes:

  • Sig Sauer Armorer
  • AR 15/M4 Armorer
  • Glock Armorer
  • Heckler & Koch Machine Gun Armorer
  • Accuracy International Armorer
  • Foreign Weapons Specialist
  • Long Range Weapon Specialist
  • Designated Marksman Instructor
  • Reticle Designer
  • Design Consultant for High Threat Concealment
  • Synthetic Weapons Instructor for Conflict Kinetics

Trust Our Commitment to Safety

We never forget our commitment to safety. When you visit us for the first time, we’ll ask you to fill out the public range information forms before you can access the range. These forms explain our range safety procedures, and will help you have a safe and enjoyable experience.  Since opening more than 11 years ago, we have operated without incident. Kent has made a personal vow to ensure the safety of every person entering our range.

Why We Believe in Supporting Our Military and Law Enforcement

In the words of our President, Kent A. Mote, we support our military and law enforcement through training because it is at the core of our American values. He says, “No matter one’s individual political ideals, as Americans, we are all involved in insuring the survival of our country and our way of life. No matter how or why our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters find themselves in harm’s way, these individuals deserve more than just smart weapons and armor. These warriors need more than ‘the basic skills’ to protect themselves and fight for their survival when that survival is jeopardized. At the lowest level, the fight comes down to the individual and his or her skills and their belief that they can win. We offer our facility and our training programs as another tool to aid our military personnel to that end.”

If you have any questions or have a specific need please feel free to contact us or simply visit the range. We are conveniently located for people living in Hampton Roads and the surrounding communities.