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“GO, GO, GO!” “HIT IT!” “DRIVE THE GUN!” The yelling coupled with the sound of gunshots and flying dust is nothing short of organized chaos. But there is a method and a science to the madness. For almost 13 years, Kent has “trained the trainers” with the ESAMI program. Developed by Kent and three other top-notch instructors- Paul Sweeney, Rocky Stone, and Al Clark (deceased)- ESAMI is designed to build and train Small Arms Firearms Instructors for the military. Kent has traveled the continental United States with the program and is proud to host ESAMI here at C2 Shooting Center on our East Training Ranges 3-4 times a calendar year. Last week and this week C2 is honored to have a group of EOD folks who are braving the sweltering heat to crush the course. Kent takes great pride in being able to be a small part in training up the next generation of instructors, and he is grateful to all those he teaches for their service and sacrifice.