Firearms Instruction

Fireamrs InstructionWhether you are a private citizen, a military professional, or any type of law enforcement, our facility is right for you.  C2 can help you train for your career, as well as for your own personal growth. Our teaching philosophy follows the belief “train like you fight.” This mentality prepares every student to raise his or her standards and follow proper techniques, even when under stress.

 Firearms Courses

All of our classes are certified by Kent Mote, our Senior Instructor. We constantly address the efficacy of our classes and make adjustments to meet the growing needs of our students.

Concealed Carry Handgun Training

Concealed Carry Basic – $125.00

This course is designed for first time handgun owners and recreational handgun shooters.  It prepares new gun owners with the skills and awareness necessary to safely and effectively maintain a personal handgun for self-defense in the home and for public carry, whether the intention is to carry in the open or concealed. This class exceeds the standards and guidelines as set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia for the “Concealed Weapon Permit,” and provides the student a substantial review of the legalities of self-defense, safe ownership and carry practices, self-defensive shooting fundamentals and firearm and equipment considerations. This is not a minimum requirement class you will find provided online or by some of our competitors in Hampton Roads. You will learn to shoot.

The class covers Basic Firearms Safety and Handling; Firearm Selection and Specialization; Modes and Methods of Carry; a detailed review of the Virginia State Statutes, specifically as they apply to carrying a concealed firearm; a review of ‘Castle Doctrine’ and ‘Use of Force’ statutes and laws; and much more.
Every participant will need to bring a photo identification, and will be required to shoot approximately 200 rounds for qualification. Yes, this is substantially more than the our competitors, but we want to verify safe and proficient handling, as well as marksmanship skills. This will provide the first step in your training for self defense. You will leave C2 Shooting Center with an comfortable understanding of your weapon, and a fair assessment of your own shooting skills and training requirements.

What You Need: Firearms are provided for this class at a cost of $20.00. Several models are available to help you determine what best fits your personal needs. We also provide holsters and magazine pouches. Please wear a heavy belt to the class and suitable clothing for the weather conditions that will enable you to move around in an athletic manner. We train outdoors for half of the class day (shooting and moving). The ranges are private and are only used for your class. The registration fee for CCW Basic is $125.00. You may bring your own ammunition or purchase it in our Pro Shop (approximately $60.00 for 200 rounds of 9mm). The state charges $50.00 to process your license, which is good for 5 years. That fee is submitted with your application to the Commonwealth Of Virginia – not paid to the range.


Advanced Concealed Carry Course – $300.00

This is a two-day class that will allow you to get your permit, as well as teach you about weapons manipulation and tactics for defense. Some of the skills we teach involve ammunition selection, medium shooting, modes of carry and gear selection. As always, we teach with the mentality of “training like you will fight.” Our teachers use a number of drills to develop your skills when you are experiencing stressful situations. You will be able to see and measure your improvement during the class using our testing methods. We use electronically controlled turning targets which can be used to create various drills that challenge the shooter and their mind. Multiple targets, shoot/no shoots, and targets that reappear even though previously shot, just as an adversary could in real life. “Just because you shot it doesn’t mean you took the fight out of it”. This allows you to bring your training up to the next level.

The topics we cover for this exam include:

  • Rapid and Efficient High and Low Ready Positions
  • Rapid and Efficient Draw from Full Concealment
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Rapid and Efficient Malfunction Drills
  • Transitioning through Shooting Positions
  • Controlling your fight space
  • Stress Courses
  • Rapid and Efficient Tactical and Speed Reloads
  • Rapid Recoil Management and Shooting Rhythm
  • Rapid and Multiple Target Engagement Scenarios

What You Need: The fee for this class is $300.00 plus the cost of your ammunition (which could include 800 to 1000 rounds). You will need your holster, magazine pouches, a sturdy belt, ear and eye protection and clothing that allows you to move with ease. Because we train outdoors, it is encouraged that you prepare for an extended period of time outdoors and bring necessary items like sunscreen, gloves and even aspirin.