The staff at C2 Shooting Center wants your experience at the range to be relaxed, enjoyable, and above all, safe. To accomplish this, we have a few rules we expect all of our users to follow.


If you do not know what this means, please notify staff in the Pro Shop or a Range Officer.  Classes and/or assistance are available for new shooters to learn how to mechanically zero iron-sighted weapons.  Scoped weapons need to be bore sighted prior to firing on the range. Classes to learn to mechanically zero or boresight your weapon are held at regularly scheduled intervals during range hours.  FAILURE TO ZERO YOUR WEAPON damages the overhead baffles and shall increase the future cost of the use of this facility.  Continual shooting of the overhead baffles may result in you kindly being requested to leave the facility.


At C2 we allow weapons to be fired judiciously at a rate in which you can see a site reference and keep the gun stable.  That differs greatly from continually pressing the trigger as the gun bounces through the recoil process.  Uncontrolled rapid fire in which you do not know where the bullet is going damages the facility and is a waste of ammunition.  We will give you the courtesy of one warning regarding uncontrolled rapid fire.  Continuation will result in you kindly being asked to leave the facility.  This item truly should be self-enforced by any responsible shooter.


Customers are expected, in fact REQUIRED, to clean up all brass in front of and behind their firing position on any range prior to leaving the facility.  We understand that customers paying by the hour feel as if this is an unfair cost to them.  However, YOU shot it and YOU should remove it and place it in the brass buckets provided.  Leave the range in the same or better condition than you found it.  This is standard range etiquette. Gauge your check-out time accordingly.  Habitual offenders will be asked not to return.   


No Children under the age of 10 are allowed on the ranges or to handle firearms. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Children under the age of 13 shall not handle or fire a firearm larger than .22 caliber without range approval.

Only adults 18 and older are allowed to use any Pistol Steel Target ranges. NO EXCEPTIONS.



No hollow point pistol ammunition allowed on the Pistol Steel Target range.  Violation will result in permanent ban from the range. 

No steel penetrator (green tip .556 x .45, steel projectile 7.62 x .39, or tracer rounds of any caliber shall be allowed on ANY rifle steel targets.  Violation will result in permanent ban from the range. 

Chamber Flags  are required in all weapons on the range during a “COLD” period and are available for free at the Pro Shop.

NOTE: We do not allow short barreled rifle caliber pistols with Sig Braces or similar types of weapons, or pistol caliber rifles on the West Public Range due to the muzzle blast projected at an adjacent shooter, many of who are working with scoped rifles.  Additionally we do not allow shotguns without a buttstock.

Individuals desiring to use our range should have safe firearm handling experience or be accompanied by someone who does. If you are new to firearms, or desire to learn, C2 staff can help with instruction of any kind.  Please see our Firearms Instruction page for details.

How Does the Range Work?

First and foremost, our shooting range is set up to follow safety protocols to protect you and every client on the range.  We want you to be able to enjoy your experience without feeling unsafe.

When you arrive, you will check in with the main building we call the Pro Shop.  There, our staff will ask you to fill out the Range Safety Rules and the Liability Waiver.  WE HAVE CHANGED TO AN ELECTRONIC WAIVER SYSTEM TO MAKE FUTURE CHECK-IN EASIER.  PLEASE CLICK ON AND COMPLETE THE APPROPRIATE WAIVER BELOW.  YOU MUST CLICK ON “ADULT” AND THEN “WITH MINORS” IF YOU ARE BRINGING A MINOR.

At check-in, Staff will ask for a photo ID and retain same until you have finished shooting.  Eye protection, ear protection and chamber flags are required to shoot on the range. Staff will provide you with chamber flags at no cost.



Our range works in two stages: the “hot” and “cold” designation. Cold means there is NO active fire permitted, and you must leave your firearms in the Pro Shop or on the firing table with your action open and empty, chamber flag inserted.  At this time, you choose your lane, place your targets and wait until everyone is behind the firing line. There is NO handling of any weapons at this time.  Hot means active firing has begun, and eye and ear protection must be worn.  You may retrieve your weapons from the Pro Shop or remove the chamber flags and begin using your weapons. No one is allowed to place targets during this time.

The line cycles from “HOT” to “COLD” approximately every twenty (20) minutes.  You can expect approximately 2 “Hot” periods per hour.  The cycle may vary depending upon weather and number of shooters.  The Range Master works hard to accommodate the needs of the shooters, clear the firing line in an efficient manner and meet all requests while maintaining the safety and integrity of the range.  Expect weekends to be busy, with many shooters and individuals who are trying to familiarize themselves with the set-up process.  Weekdays are lighter and it takes less time to clear the line and post targets.

Our staff reserves the right to refuse any customer or weapons system we feel is unsafe or inappropriate.