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If It Ain’t Raining…

You ain’t training. Or so the saying goes. Well, if it is true, our Dynamic Pistol 1 students did a heck of a lot of training this past weekend! Although the rain came down steadily, it did not stop our crew from running this two-day immersive class. Yet again, C2 delivered on its promise to provide dynamic, challenging, relevant and safe training for those who wish to push their skill set to the limit. This weekend, the class consisted of retired military, business owners and retired law enforcement, just to name a few. From Glocks to Sigs to a 41 Magnum, these gentlemen brought the heat and the drive to learn and excel.

Kent provided the basics to start – shooter’s matrix and a confirmation of skills such as immediate action and remedial action. Some students needed to knock the dust off, but with deliberate and layered training, these gentlemen were off and running. Skills drills, stress drills, barricade drills, breaching drills, and even drills inside of a moving vehicle, this class provided these students with multiple opportunities to use their skills in real time with realistic scenarios. From the carefully plotted “Crazy Ivan” drill, to the ultimate 36-shot, two entry door, shooting on the move and partial strong hand only stress course, this class was filled to the brim with challenges and real-life potential situations that required calm under stress and accuracy over emotion. It was epic.

C2 wishes to thank our students for continuing to engage in these classes, and for giving it your all. We are so lucky to be able to provide this opportunity to those willing to step out on a limb and take it! And remember, “if it ain’t raining, you ain’t training!”

P.S. Check out the amazing pictures and videos from this class on our Facebook page. Photo cred to John Zontini of BirdMad Media.