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Welcome to C2 Shooting Center

We are Virginia’s Premier Outdoor Shooting Facility located in southern Virginia Beach! Family owned and operated by lifelong Virginia Beach natives Natalie and Kent Mote, C2 Shooting Center offers an unparalleled shooting facility with ranges from 7-yards to 300-yards in an open-air, clean rural environment.

The C2 Shooting Center offers an enjoyable, professionally run and extremely safe range for experienced shooters who desire to shoot “outside the box” in an environment that is much less restrictive than typically found at indoor shooting ranges. Shooting Classes are also available throughout the year for shooters wishing to learn a new skill or master current skills.

We have chosen to become member only facility in order to maintain a safe, community oriented and responsible shooting environment for all of our patrons. We invite you to take a look at the packages we have to offer, and we look forward to seeing you on the range!
-Kent and Natalie Mote

Kent Mote

Meet Owner Kent Mote

Kent has been actively involved in the firearms industry for over 30 years. Kent is certified as a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and as a Range Safety Officer by the National Rifle Association, in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), as a Marksman/Observer, and as an ESAMI Dynamic Firearms Instructor for both Pistol and Rifle.

Along with three other top-notch instructors -Paul Sweeney (Ret. USMC), Rocky Stone (Ret. USMC), and Al Clark (Deceased top-tier operator)- Kent helped develop the ESAMI course to “train the trainers.” This course is designed to teach individuals how to become Small Arms Instructors. Kent, having taught the class for 13 years, is the longest tenured instructor on the cadre. Along with his colleagues, Kent has taught in China Lake, Gulfport, Chula Vista and Virginia Beach. He takes a great deal of pride in working with such exceptional instructors and training up the next generation of instructors. Unable to join the military due to a tragic childhood accident that almost severed his left foot, Kent has fulfilled his lifelong desire to serve his country by helping train those who protect it. He is humbled to be a part of that mission.

Kent also enjoys instructing individuals for Concealed Carry Courses, Dynamic Pistol and Rifle Courses and private lessons tailored to the needs of the shooter. Some of Kent’s favorite students are young teenagers looking to become serious, safe and avid rifle shooters. Kent was blessed to instruct a young man with Leukemia who was gifted a hunting trip to Montana where he tagged an Elk and a Whitetail Buck. To be involved in the process was amazing!

Kent has owned and operated C2 Shooting Center since 2006. He purchased an 18-year old local range, which was in a state of disrepair, in order to live out the remainder of his life doing what he loved – working the land and shooting.  On a quest to provide the premier facility for both recreational and military clientele, Kent embarked upon the most proactive range improvement project in the country.  C2 Shooting Center, “Virginia’s Premier Outdoor Shooting Range Facility,” is the result of Kent’s hard work and innovative vision.

The West Member Range is meant to provide local, avid shooters with a safe, clean and professional range. Shooters practice for precision rifle matches, fine tune handgun skills, work up ammunition loads, and much more. Once an avid long-distance shooter himself, Kent wanted to provide the best facility to those individuals who are serious about the sport of shooting. The East Range, Kent’s largest vision, is a multi-range, multipurpose area used for military and law enforcement training, as well as contract use for individuals providing shooting instruction.

Kent devotes countless hours to C2 and those who enjoy it. He intends to continue to provide this top-notch facility to shooters for many years to come!

Kent Mote shooting
Kent Mote Shooting

C2 Shooting Range construction

C2 Shooting Center Construction & Maintenance

One thing is very clear at C2 Shooting Center: Kent Mote assures that his C2 Members and the facility are well taken care of, from range maintenance to grounds keeping. Kent has years of experience in sitework and construction, enabling him to manage the site and to maintain both the west member ranges and the east training ranges.

Kent Mote and his dog

mowing the berm

C2 tractor

C2 building the berms

Ken Mote


In February of 2008, I was in West Virginia at one of the nation’s oldest hunt clubs. A recreational trip with customers, I did not pack my sniper rifle to take with me. Unbeknownst to me, my colleague brought my weapon with him. Why? He had set up a shooting “test” for me as a surprise for my customers. The “test” was to hit a 12″ X 18″ steel target from 1000 meters away. Perched on the sheer face of a mountain, the 1000-meters traveled over terrain which included a deep ravine with a river in the bottom. With my 20″ barreled .308 rifle, I hit the target twice in two attempts, just prior to dusk. Although this might be a common occurrence with today’s more modern cartridges, back in 2008 an unknown distance shot with a .308 was a little more difficult than it is today. The test was certainly a great challenge to my skill! ~Kent