On-Site Pro Shop

Our on-site pro shop has a selection of gear, accessories and ammunition to accommodate your shooting needs.  This includes, targets, popular brands of ammunition, eye and ear protection, scopes, magazines, shooting bags, some batteries and cleaning supplies. 


We often get questions regarding the ability to bring your own ammunition to the range.  Unlike other shooting ranges, we do not require that you purchase your ammunition from us.  However, C2 highly recommends whatever bring you bring is a reputable brand, particularly in reloads.  Over the years, we have seen many weapons destroyed by over-pressured loads.


We have a selection of targets that should meet the average shooters needs.  If you bring your own target, it must not exceed 24″ x 40″ in size.  In addition, stick on targets must be stapled as the residual glue reduces the availability to reuse the target backer.

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